SurveyMaker Beta 

Program status -  BETA TESTING IS NOW COMPLETE - 20th June 2013

This is licensed software - it will not work unless you register your domain click here to register 

Version 1.2.3-0 - commercial release


Don't forget the ActiveC Beta Hub forum!

It's the perfect place to share your thoughts and feedback about our pre-release products as well as file bug reports, discuss functionality and connect with the development team.

Your feedback is vitally important to us!

Thank you in advance for your help and time.

BETA - starts Friday 5th April

The initial focus is core app' client stability / compatibility of the user interface.

The initial beta version released has some features missing, we are working on these features and will release updates to the beta version throughout duration of the beta test programme

As with all modern cross platform environments, we need to ensure that problems don't arise with the wide variety of real life configurations :
- computer operating systems, and versions of them
- browsers and flash players
- Adobe Connect system versions - we support v8, v9, on premise, hosted and ACMS

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How do I take part in the beta?

1. Download the SurveyMaker beta app 

Download Sticky Note Pages

The SurveyMaker app is a single file named "SurveyMaker.swf"  

2. Load the "app' / file" into your Adobe Connect system
There are two ways to make SurveyMaker available in your Connect Rooms: 

a. Add SurveyMaker to your Adobe Connect system's Content Library (recommended)

This allows you to open the app in any Connect room on your system, and from any computer you happen to be using. On our own Connect system, we keep our apps in the Shared Content Library. As well as making it  available to all our Connect rooms and users, it saves some disk storage space and helps to keep our system storage neat and tidy.

b. Load the app directly into a share pod inside a Connect room

Open a new share pod inside a Connect room, as per the instructions in the User guide and select the app file that you downloaded (SurveyMaker.swf)

You can find detailed instructions for steps 2a and 2b on this web page

3. Tell us what you think 

Please complete our feedback form if possible, this helps us organise and analyse the information.  

We've designed the form to be quick and simple, but please tell us if you don't like using it! 

Alternatively you can email your feedback to us along with any screen grabs you have taken: or

When / Where to use SurveyMaker

We designed SurveyMaker for any size of Adobe Connect session, from small meetings and virtual classrooms, to large scale webinars.  

Please feel free to use it in any Adobe Connect system or room.

What do I do if I need help? 

This web page has buttons on the right hand side for the feedback form and user guide as well as an email contact for the beta team.

The SurveyMaker User Guide contains functional information on all the standard features available within the app.  If you feel this Guide is missing any content or could be improved, please do let us know.

When you are using the app:

- the help button in the app (bottom right corner) will open the user guide in your browser. 
- you can click on the ActiveC logo, next to Help , and then click on Visit ActiveC Website to return directly to this beta hub web page.

If you have experienced issues with the app during use, and can send us any screenshots or images of what that looked like, it would be very helpful and much appreciated.  In this case please email and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.    

Your feedback is vitally important to us!
Thank you in advance for your help and time.

How long is the Beta program? What happens at the end?

This SurveyMaker beta program only has one phase which will last for around four weeks.

We will release updates to app throughout the BETA program, these updates will contain new features and bug fixes.

After testing is completed, we will fix any remaining issues found and then release the final version of the app as quickly as possible. 

The beta version will continue to work until one week after the final version is released, at which point a mandatory upgrade to the release version will be required, as we never leave beta versions alive in the wild.

If you have any questions at all, please contact

We will respond to your feedback as soon as we can.  Thank you.